EBDA Adventureparks

2021 Year of construction
6 weeks Lead time of project
8 Zones
15 Activities
2 XXL Play Cages
1 ZipCoaster
1 Pump Track

For our client, we built Saudi Arabia's very first (indoor) adventure park in the city of Riyadh. The client's wish was to create an adventure location for family outings, a place where young children can play for hours, but where older children and adults can also go for a day of adventure sports and great fun. Our design team created an adventure concept with a center tower surrounded by several zones with various activities and a large terrace.


This custom-made pumptrack is made of wood and is widely applicable. The track is suitable for many target group, such as skaters, freestyle step and BMX.

Climbing Zone with autobelay

The climbing zone consists of 10 Climb-Up climbing panels and free-standing climbing objects. Participants attach themselves to the autobelay system and can climb independently. We have personalised all 10 Climb-Up panels for our client. Each climbing panel shows a landscape which can be found in beautiful Saudi Arabia.

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Indoor Tubing Slide

Fun Tubing

Fun Tubing is the perfect activity young and old. In a tube you slide down the track at high speed. A super fun activity!

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XXL Play Cage

Ninja Zone

In the Ninja Zone we also placed an XXL Play Cage with more challenging obstacles like in a Ninja course. The series of challenging elements should be completed as quickly as possible. Strength, agility and fun, who will be the quickest?


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