Inspection of our adventure concepts

The safety of the user, that is to say the visitors, is paramount. We build exclusively according to European NEN standards which means that all our constructions meet specific legal safety requirements. To establish that our products are indeed safe and secure, they are inspected and tested by an independent inspection body shortly after completion.


Expoglider Continuous Safety System

The Expoglider® Continuous Safety System is a safety system that allows participants to climb a climbing course without having to remove the mandatory supporting leash. In other words, participants are always safe because they are continuously attached to a safety leash and do not have to perform any additional actions while climbing. Thus, the system is safe, user-friendly, durable and efficient and requires less necessary supervisors.

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How long does an Expoglider shuttle last?

An Expoglider shuttle lasts at least 10 years!

Is it an approved system?

Yes. The Expoglider Continuous Safety System is certified and meets all safety standards and legal requirements, so to prevent the risk of falling down.


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