About Us

Our slogan is “We Build Adventure.” That is to say that we design and build indoor climbing parks, treetop adventure climbing parks, zip lines, treetop adventure walking trails and net adventures that guarantee thrills of excitement and infinite entertainment suitable for all ages. With great passion and enthusiasm, we have already advised and guided many organizations throughout the process of realizing the concepts of their dreams. Thanks to our huge range of experience and our skilled team of experts we aim to turn your dream concept into reality.

Van Riswick adventure park design

Tailored advise

We explore the possibilities of your ideas and desires, and we may also bring up any suggestions ourselves. Together we will come up with the ideal design. With your enthusiasm and our expertise, we will make a beautiful and unique product.

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We make sure to explore all possibilities of your ideas. During this process, we are happy to give our take on those ideas for the purpose of achieving the most desired results.
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Van Riswick BV

Corporate social responsibility

While building adventure parks, we believe it’s important to prioritize sustainability. Therefore, we work exclusively with FSC and PEFC certified wood which is wood that comes from areas with sustainable forest management. In addition, we also take into account the natural surroundings in our climbing park designs. Thus, we work with eco-friendly materials, for our mission is to do as little damage as possible to existing plants and trees in the desired location.