The strength of the Expoglider® is its simplicity. A solid cast “shuttle” slides over the cable together with the participant. This shuttle has a narrow opening that can slide along anchoring points but it can’t get off the cable. This is possible without any required action from the participant and without having to disconnect the safety system at any time.


Continuously attached

The Expo cables are strapped between Expo profiles along the entire course. These special profiles provide a continuous loop and allow curving to occur at almost any angle. This very flexible system can be mounted on wood, concrete, steel or living trees. By interrupting the cable in each profile, the weight is absorbed on a single segment in the event of a fall. This makes it possible for two people to be on a bridge at the same time. The entire Expoglider® system is also user-friendly, and it is also in accordance with the EN 15567-1 standard. Hence, it’s not only easy to use, but simultaneously guarantees the safety of all participants.


Switch system

The switch system allows for infinite possibilities. For example, participants can change courses, abort a course prematurely or take a small break on a platform and let other participants pass. Likewise with the Expoglider®, the system is user-friendly and while switching courses, participants cannot remove the safety themselves. In this way, every participant, whether low or high up in the air can safely determine their own route.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Expoglider shuttle last?

An Expoglider shuttle lasts at least 10 years!

What is the difference between the Expoglider continuous safety system and another continuous safety system?

The Expoglider® is a Type 1 certified product. This means that in theory only 1 instructor is necessary to supervise 100 visitors.

Is it an approved system?

Yes. The Expoglider Continuous Safety System is certified and meets all safety standards and legal requirements, so to prevent the risk of falling down.

Am I obliged to have annual maintenance carried out on the Expoglider system?

No. Annual maintenance of the Expoglider® system is not mandatory. However, an annual inspection is mandatory. In this way, you and your employees can continue to use the facilities safely.

May I perform maintenance on the system myself?

No, this is not allowed. The maintenance of the Expoglider® system may only be carried out by qualified people.

Can the system be installed on an already existing (climbing) track?

Yes, the system can be installed on an existing (climbing) course.

EU Declaration of Conformity

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User manual Expoglider Shuttle


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