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Gespecialiseerd in producten, gericht op klim- en adventureparken!

We are excited to announce to you the launch of Altura Gear Web Shop, the new B2B webshop specialized in products specifically focused on climbing and adventure parks!

From top-of-the-line safety equipment to durable and reliable climbing gear, Altura Gear has it all! Altura Gear offers a wide range of products to serve climbing and adventure park professionals with the best fitting materials to operate their parks. From helmets and harnesses to (zipline) pulleys and rescue bags, carabiners, auto belay devices and equipment for working at height.

In addition to its wide selection of equipment for climbing and adventure parks, Altura Gear also has competitive prices.

Altura Gear products

Special inquiries:

Are you looking for specific (climbing) equipment not shown on the website? Have no worries - just contact the team, they are ready to help you!

Free shipping in December and January!

In honor of our launch, we are offering free shipping within the Netherlands for all orders placed in December 2022 and January 2023. Don't miss this temporary offer, create an account today!Click here to go to the webshop.